Friday, October 06, 2006

Bandwidth Preview: DJ LA*Jesus

Finally, in our series of Bandwidth previews, we have a recent interview with the man with a plan himself, DJ LA*Jesus, whose increasing presence in the ever-growing live DJ/rock show arena, is due to his reputation as a true entertainer. With his saint-like skills behind the wheels of motion and his effervescent personality, DJ LA*Jesus is determined to get you on the floor and shake your body to salvation! How did this LA*Jesus phenomenon get started? It started Halloween '02: after resisting it for years, I'd decided to go as Jesus. I had avoided it for so long 'cause I thought it was too obvious -- I already bore a slight resemblance with the hair and beard. The "LA" was added after a dude at a party, whom I didn't know, referred to me as "LA Jesus" and it stuck. Well, folks reacted very well to it, and I had a ball, so I decided to wear the costume to some shows in the effort to get people excited and dancing. At a Flaming Lips show in May '03, one thing lead to another and I found myself dancing onstage with them. This lead to several subsequent onstage appearances and -BAH-BAM!!! it was a hit. The F'Lips even went on to include a small cameo from me in their Fearless Freaks documentary released last year. What's your philosophy when it comes to DJ'ing? It's my view that the folks on the dancefloor should be taken for a ride! They should be surprised and psyched to hear a song they love, and equally so when hearing a track they've never heard before. Good DJs know how to do that. I've always appreciated a DJ that challenges me when I'm on the dancefloor, so I try and throw things out there that may be risky -- I know that's what makes a good experience for me, and I can't be alone. Furthermore, I think it's very important to play what's true to yourself, to play what moves you. How does LA*Jesus plan to save the dancefloor? When DJ LA*J takes the stage you know it's time to really let go and lose yourself in the moment. I'm out to not only make you wanna shake what the Good Lord gave ya, I want to make you laugh, smile, feel alive. Up, Bustle and Out have a track I spin that says it all, "Dance your troubles away / every weekend you got bills to pay / BUT RIGHT NOW / Dance your troubles away..." After a recent performance, one individual commented on my myspace, "You made me see God" -- so there you go ;) If you could make a mix cd to give to God, what 3 songs would have to be on it? A mix for the big man... hmmm... "I Just Want To Celebrate" - Rare Earth "Just A Thought" - Gnarls Barkley "Kooler Than Jesus" - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (yeah, God's got a sense of humor, don't worry). I'm sure he does. So, what's up next for LA*Jesus? Working on remixes -- particularly a series called The Prophets of the Modern Age. The first of which, entitled "All We Have Is Now (She Moves She: 23)", places The Flaming Lips atop the beats from two different Four Tet tracks. This mix, amongst others, is available on my myspace. Also, folks can catch me live Oct 25 (w/ Flosstradamus & Mickey Avalon) at Darkroom and Oct 27 (w/Islands) at Metro. Who are you listening to at the moment? Aceyalone - "Lost Your Mind"... now the wonderous Party Shuffle has selected: "We Listen Every Day" - The Go! Team. Nice. Ah, yes, Party Shuffle, a miracle of modern science. Thanks for your time, DJ LA*J! For more miracles and to feel and breathe the dance gospel of DJ LA*Jesus, be sure to stick around after the live bands for his DJ set tonight at Bandwidth (around midnight?), sure to make a "believer" out of even the toughest music agnostic. Download: DJ*LA Jesus Mix - "Come in Out of the Corner" (MP3)


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