Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bandwidth Preview: Coltrane Motion

One of the first bands to hop on the Bandwidth bill was Coltrane Motion, and we are proud as hell to have them. You might be asking...who is Coltrane Motion? Shame on you. Coltrane Motion is "heartbreak you can dance to," as their press bio states. A delicious blend of "indie guitar fuzz with a mess of synths, samplers, and laptops tearing it all to pieces." RFC first caught up with the band last year and since that time these Ohio expats have continued touring and recording their asses off. This summer, they released a tour-only single, with two new tracks and a data side of the disc full of instrumentals, beats, and other goodies for people to remix, sample, etc. (They will be selling the remainder of this single at the Launch Party this Friday, and giving away the 2007 Datawaslost sampler) We can look foward to (finally) a full-length release from Coltrane Motion next Spring. After this show they will not be doing any shows till around Christmas, so don't miss out your chance to see these guys to tear it up on stage before they go back into hibernation to polish up the forthcoming full-length. -Brian J Download: Coltrane Motion - "Supersexy '67" (MP3)


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