Friday, September 15, 2006

RFC Interview: Soulwax

Sunday night, Belgian electro rockers Soulwax (aka 2ManyDJs) roll into Double Door in support of their latest album, Nite Versions, a 2ManyDJs-style reworking of the 2005 Soulwax release Any Minute Now. RFC recently caught up with Stephen Dewaele, one half of the sibling duo, to find out more about the new album, their current "Radio Soulwax" tour and the intricacies of working under two different musical guises. You guys are quite well known for remixing other people's work, what was the inspiration to go back and remix yourselves for Nite Versions? We liked the idea that during the 80s bands would go back into the studio and re-record their tracks so they could be played in nightclubs. We took it one step further and decided it would be a challenge to then also play them live...which is what we do when we have a Radio Soulwax night [in Belgium], we play live as Soulwax then we DJ as 2ManyDJs and bring along friends. For those not familiar with your work, explain the difference between Soulwax and 2ManyDJs...(obviously Soulwax=rock, 2ManyDJs=dance...but that line seems to get blurred a lot, especially now with Nite Sessions) There is no line for us, but I can see it is confusing to a lot of people. Soulwax is a rock band who use a lot of electronics live and who decide to remix themselves and call that Nite Versions so they could confuse the rock kids by playing dance versions of the Any Minute Now album...2ManyDJs are two guys playing other people's music. How did you guys come to be good friends with New York's LCD Soundsystem? Was it perhaps a mutual admiration of Daft Punk? We were the only two people who DJ'd during all the first LCD shows, that's how we became friends. Plus we all share a passion for espresso, studios, vinyl...and, yes, Daft Punk. Speaking of Daft Punk, tell us more about your cover/remix of their "Teachers" track that kicks off Nite Versions They do a shout-out to their dance heroes and we do the exact opposite by naming all the rockbands that have been an influence on Soulwax. Also, they use a drum machine and synths and we use live seemed like a good idea. Tell us more about this current North American tour that you've dubbed as "Radio Soulwax presents..." (I hear there will be an extensive amount of live instrumentation and DJ work?) Well, we've started playing Nite Versions live as a band and it looks like 4 Europeans in white raving with live instruments. At the end of the night, we close as 2ManyDJs. It's supposed to be one big party...hopefully. (SPEED ROUND) Why is Belgian beer so damn tasty? We are the only two Belgians who don't drink beer Has Daft Punk ever played at your house? No, but I wished they did...although that pyramid wouldn't fit in my house Favorite U.S. club or venue? Lit (NY) Besides yourselves, who is your favorite sibling-led band? The Kinks What are you listening to as you complete this interview? Yellow Magic Orchestra Download: Soulwax - "Miserable Girl" (MP3)


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