Friday, September 01, 2006

OK, Please Stop

I was going to go off on a long rant today about how I really liked OK Go when they used to play around town all the time about 5 years ago, but now hate everything they stand for. However, Jim Dero summed up my thoughts about the band perfectly in one sentence today in his column about the MTV VMAs: ...Power-popsters and JC Penney's pitchmen OK Go proved again that their propensity for shtick knows no bounds as they lip-synced to 'Here It Goes Again' while doing a choreographed dance routine on four treadmills". As if becoming more known for their wacky ironic dance routines than their music wasn't obnoxious enough, they are now prominently featured on JC Penney's ads. Seriously. They didn't just license one of their songs, they actually appear in the ad! I can't remember exactly how it goes, but I think they're on a poster in a high school locker, and then the poster comes to life with them playing the song. C'mon guys, JC Penney? I don't know what the "kids" are into today, but when I was in high school, JC Penney was easily the lamest place in the mall (i.e. where mom shops) and I really doubt things have changed much. If you're going to whore yourself out, at least hold out for something like a Target or a Best Buy. Well, I guess those aren't really department stores...maybe shoot for Macy's next time? On the other hand, compared to how lame everything else is on MTV, The New York Times actually gives kudos to OK Go today. Well, I guess they do have a point there, but that's not saying much.


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