Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Live Review: Gosling @ Schubas 9/1/06

And the award for best reincarnation of a band goes to...Gosling (the band f/k/a Loudermilk). After Loudermilk's last release in 2002, the band went into hibernation, ditched the Motley Crüe tones and mod haircuts, picked up some keyboarding skills, developed a new sound and rebirth themselves as Gosling. The band members are the same: singer/guitarist Davey Ingersoll, guitarist/keys Mark Watrous, bassist Shane Middleton, and drummer Isaac Carpenter, but the music they are creating as Gosling is a refreshing departure, full of volatile, indie punk rock with a blend of brit pop grandeur. Gosling's sound is incredibly tight live and you can't help but feel the energy emanating from the stage. Carpenter is a master behind the drums, pounding a barrage of beats that fuel their new, infectious sound. Middleton provides some slick bass lines adding to the fullness with great effect. Watrous deserves a medal for his double duty on guitar and keyboards, switching smoothly and effortless between the two keeping the flow going, especially on the piano heavy song "The Burnout" which has considerable vamps that truly define the song. Ingersoll is one of few singers who can actually pull off screaming vocals without sounding annoying, in part to his ability to scream in scales which was evident on the David Bowie cover "Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)" (recorded for the Underworld:Evolution S/T), where his high-powered outbursts kept climbing past expectations. I would liken his voice to that of Ian Svenonius with doses of a Billy Corgan and Iggy Pop. Besides the aforementioned tracks, another highlight was "Mr. Skeleton Wings", a juicy track full of sex, fame, & death with driving guitar, effervescent vocals, and thumping piano. The entire set was an exciting display of their lyrical charm and technical skill. They put on a spectacular show, armed with the expressive, jangly goodness of their recently released album Here Is..., outshining the headliner with their energy and collective talent. There is no doubt Gosling will be headlining their next jaunt through Chicago. Setlist: Here Is... Mr. Skeleton Wings Worm Waltz I Am The Avocado Waiting For The Sun The Burnout Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) Sinking Ship One Hand Two Hand


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