Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get on the List: Langhorne Slim @ Empty Bottle


Everyone's favorite porkpie hat wearing, fresh-faced grifter bluesman, Langhorne Slim is playing The Empty Bottle this Saturday and RFC wants to get you on the list. Here's what Chief Honky Tonk correspondent Rory O'Connor has to say about Mr. Slim: Langhorne Slim was born in the 80’s and hails from Pennsylvania but his music sounds like it came right out of the dust bowl era and has roots in that urgent, desperate part of the south where Woody Guthrie once roamed and a Hank Williams once howled. Like these artists Langhorne Slim appears to have a knack for crossing boundaries and bridging gaps. While his album plays like pure Folk and Country, it feels assembled in an atmosphere of rock. RFC will get your name on the list (plus a guest) if you can answer this country rock trivia courtesty of Rory: Give us the name of that seminal Byrds album, that had Roger McGuinn trading in his jangling 12-string for a banjo. It is often cited as the very first country rock album (a dubious tag indeed!) Send your responses to: radiofreechicago(at) If there are multiple responses, we'll pick the 5th correct entry. An additonal winner chosen at random will also receive a Langhorne Slim signed poster. Good luck! (remember, you must be 21+ to visit The Empty Bottle)


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