Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The View From the Tent (Day One)

Just like on New Year's when they played the Bottle, Spank Rock stole the show on Saturday in the Biz 3 tent despite their non-headlining status. Even before their arrival, The Baltimore booty bass masters were able to pack the sweltering tent (ummm...fans, ventilation anyone?) with what looked to be the biggest crowd of the day at the bass-heavy side show area. As usual, Spank Rock kept the crowd in a frenzy the entire time, but when they dropped their signature booty house anthem "Put That Pussy On Me" near the close of their set, all hell broke loose. I'm not sure if it was encouraged or purely spontaneous, but suddenly dozens of people stormed the stage, and a frantic dance party ensued. Left with little stage space, the Spank Rock MCs fled to higher ground on top of the two speaker towers. (Check out the full set of pics here) Admittingly, I didn't spend nearly as much time in the Biz 3 tent as I thought I would, mostly because it is just too godamn hot in there. On top of that, it was really dark and hard to see the stage from afar, compounded even further by a setting sun that caused an intense glare. Despite this, I did manage to catch at least a couple of other acts. I really dug Ghislain Poirier's set, was a bit disappointed with Matthew Dear's set (would've sounded much better at 3am at a Detroit rave) and was rather ambivalent about A-Trak's set (decent stuff, but nothing I haven't heard a thousand times before).


Anonymous cinchel said...

i concur about the not spending as much time at the biz3 tent as i would have liked, for the same reasons. TO HOT!!POOR VISABLITY!!

i listened to some of the chicago underground duo set but would to have love to see them actually perform. also caught CSS who blew me away (later in the day during os mutantes set the whole band was actally standing next to me and i had them sign their 12" for me..very cool)

it was also tough to miss a main stage act to catch something in the tent ...to many choices

for example i wanted to stay for braxton set but i was out voted 2:1 (kirstie and my brother vs me) ..oh well..

8/01/2006 02:22:00 PM  
Blogger Robyn Detterline said...

I watched part of Chicago Underground Duo and Tyondai Braxton's set from the side of the stage. They had a blue tarp up but there were slits in the fabric that we were sticking are heads into. We had a great view without even being in the tent! It was awesome. Midway through Braxton's set they took the tarp down, which was even awesomer. I also watched Matmos later in the day from the side. Yeah, there was no way in hell I was going inside that tent. I know I would have passed out. I'm a wussy.

8/01/2006 02:43:00 PM  

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