Monday, August 21, 2006

Putting the "Radio" back in Radio Free Chicago

One of my main priorities in launching the forthcoming v2.0 was to put the "radio" element back in Radio Free Chicago via podcasts, featured DJ sets, and streaming audio. In working to test out some platforms and build up a cache of material for the official launch, I've dug out some old tapes (OK..they're actually CD-Rs) from my days at WLUW and am editing and encoding them to MP3/podcast form: Free Form Set 9/1/03 powered by ODEO A college radio time warp to almost exactly 3 years ago, this is a set from September 2003 and features what were mostly (if not entirely) new releases at the time. In true free-form radio fashion the set varies from avant-rock ala David Byrne, Frank Blank and BRMC to more experimental/electronic sounds ala Eric Truffaz, Lonesome Organist and Kraftwerk. Set ends with an achingly beautiful track from the seriously underrated band, Firewater. Halcyon Nights 6/24/03 powered by ODEO I'm still debating exactly how and what I want to program on the new RFC podcast channel, but there's a very good chance I'll be resurrecting this show. This set features some prime IDM beats courtesy of King of Woolworths, Four Tet and Beneath the Autumn Sky. Look for brand new material and other sonic goodies in RFC's podcast section when RFC v2.0 launches next month, but in the meantime you can subscribe now and enjoy some summer re-run classics from the vaults. My Odeo Podcast


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