Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Releases Tuesday - 8/15

The new releases summer drought continues...this week nothing but Pete Yorn, Christine Aguilera and (muthafuckin) Snakes on a Plane: The Album. "If you think the movie looks awful, wait 'till you hear the soundtrack!!" In other new releases news, while desperately skimming Web sites for something of interest out today I found out that the Reckless on Milwaukee recently installed new carpeting for your shopping pleasure! I always go back and forth as far as which Reckless I think is better, but this totally puts the Milwaukee store over the top. Now instead of smelling like musty carpet and dirty hipster B.O., this location will now just smell like B.O.


Anonymous Kirstie said...

You know, I was just at Reckless looking for something they didn't have which seems to be my luck lately and I didn't even notice the new carpet although Cinchel did. And I always thought of myself as a shoegazer ;)

8/15/2006 01:35:00 PM  

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