Friday, August 04, 2006

Lollapalooza via Cubicle: Editors

RadioFreeChicago (4:16:24 PM): these guys have like one are they still playing? roc998r (4:17:27 PM): one album, they probably get a good 45 min set in (band starts playing "Fingers in the Factories") RadioFreeChicago (4:16:47 PM): oh no...this is the one song by them that I can't stand RadioFreeChicago (4:17:34 PM): the chorus to this song suuuuuuucks! roc998r (4:17:56 PM): wow yeah this song does suck, i remember this chorus RadioFreeChicago (4:18:13 PM): here we go.... RadioFreeChicago (4:18:25 PM): lalala...lalala... roconnor98 (4:18:33 PM): should we start jumping around back here RadioFreeChicago (4:18:45 PM): dude can I borrow your lighter? roc998r (4:18:59 PM): they must like it if they are closing with it. for the kids. You gotta let the kids have their fun RadioFreeChicago (4:19:07 PM): oh yeah RadioFreeChicago (4:19:13 PM): rawwwwk! rocr998r (4:19:22 PM): totally! (song ends...lead singer throws something into crowd) RadioFreeChicago (4:20:00 PM): free guitar pic?? sweeet! roc998r (4:20:37 PM): makes it all worth the 65 for the ticket (feed goes silent) RadioFreeChicago (4:20:47 PM): they need lame commentators here now like they do at football half-times roc998r (4:21:26 PM): Ha, that would be great. "You were just watching editors rock grant park." "those guys are hot jim" RadioFreeChicago (4:21:34 PM): exactly RadioFreeChicago (4:22:29 PM): "comin up next we've got Umphrey's McGee...or as the kids call 'em, 'Umprhrey's' I hear they're jam-tastic..ha ha" RadioFreeChicago (4:23:09 PM): "let's go to our reporter on the field with the post show analysis" roc998r (4:23:42 PM): "Well I wouldn't want to be the band that has to follow up editors." "Don't forget this show is brought to you by...


Anonymous Bill V said...

Love the Editors. Show was great at Metro a few months back. Thought they did a nice job on the big outdoor stage. For sure was a fun time for everyone standing around me.

8/07/2006 08:57:00 AM  

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