Thursday, August 17, 2006

Live Review - Silversun Pickups @ Schubas 8/13/06

After the release of their unbelievably strong EP from last year titled Pikul, it seemed that Silversun Pickups were poised to become the next big indie rock hype. It maybe didn't happen quite as quickly as I thought it would, but now with their debut full-length under their belt and out in stores, I think it's a just a matter of time before this L.A.-based band truly hits the big time. This impression was only furthered by their live performance I witnessed at Schubas this past Sunday. Their songs are just too good and their live presentation is just too damn infectious for them not to become more popular. In fact, I would put good money on them returning to Chicago to play a much bigger venue next time around. At the very least, I know they wouldn't have any trouble filling a bigger space in terms of sound. One of the main reasons that I like championing the Silversun Pickups is because I like the fact that they're more from the punchy "alternative" school of rock ala Smashing Pumpkins and Pixies rather than the fey and whiny "indie" school of rock that has dominated the scene the past few years. Thus, I don’t really think Schubas was the best venue match for this band, as I think their sound was literally too “big” for the room. The quaint confines of Schubas pretty much just washed out leader Brian Aubert’s crunchy guitars and screamy vocals into a blur of noise. (although this problem was significantly corrected by wearing ear plugs) On the other hand, I think Silversun Pickups and Metro would be a match made in heaven. If it hasn’t been done yet, I would seriously recommend someone from the band’s label or management crew send over a press kit to Joe Shanahan ASAP. (guys…let me know how it goes, we’ll make it a “Radio Free Chicago presents…” show). In addition to the band’s big sound overall, I was also really impressed by Aubert’s stage presence. While his supporting cast seemed more than content to quietly rock out in the shadows, Aubert was the quintessential front man, charming the audience with funny quips in between songs and then stirring the masses into a frenzy with his passoined vocals and boundless energy on stage. He almost seemed to have a bit of a Jeff Buckley-thing going on…certainly in terms of charisma, and maybe even with a slight physical resemblance. SET LIST: Check out the full photo set from the night here Download: Silversun Pickups -"Well Thought Out Twinkles" (MP3) Watch: Silversun Pickups - "Kissing Families" (YouTube)


Anonymous Kirstie said...

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to post setlists like that Brad!!! I have a really good one of a girl holding up the setlist at the Camera Obscura show I went to in particular! Hey did you see Page France?

8/17/2006 08:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Media said...

They are already booked....10/20 at the Empty Bottle with Viva Voce. The sounds should be much better...but Schuba's was a hell of a show anyway. A Friday night will definitely be an improvement over a Sunday night though...

8/18/2006 11:29:00 AM  

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