Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Review: Dirty Pretty Things @ Schubas 8/11/06

After The Libertines fell apart in 2004 amidst the torrid relationship between Carl Barat and Pete Doherty (Baby Shambles), both went on to cultivate their respective projects. From the ashes of the Libertines, Barat enlisted former band member Gary Powell as drummer, Doherty's replacement Anthony Rossomando on second guitar as well as Cooper Temple Clause bassist Didz Hammond, to create the Dirty Pretty Things. After a thoroughly enjoyable set by the quirky indie pop outfit Scissors For Lefty, who flirt with a fun mix of 80's new wave, Brit pop, and hints of Bowie, the Dirty Pretty Things rushed the stage. Due to a recent injury that Barat sustained to his collar bone, he was unable to play guitar for much of this US Tour, so with the help of The Paddingtons Josh Hubbard on guitar, they were complete to unleash a heavy dose of Clash-inspired rock-n-roll on the sold-out crowd at Schuba's. Thrashing through a setlist that consisted of songs off their new album Waterloo to Anywhere, they made my list of loudest live experiences, coming in a close second to The Dirtbombs. They started off the set with "Deadwood", a head bob inducing track that riffs on the classic Libertines' sound, which set the bar pretty high for the rest of the night. I must reiterate that the Dirty Pretty Things were really loud in a good way. I am trying to distinguish whether the few moments of aural discomfort were due to this damn wisdom tooth rupturing in my mouth or whether the impressive sound they projected was too large for Schuba's intimate space. Either way, this is as close as most people will come to seeing The Libertines again and the fact that it was such an intimate venue sweetened the deal. From the amusing rugby-like rock huddle before most of the songs to get everyone started on the right page (most likely for Josh's benefit), to the engaging stage presence and camaraderie they all shared, to Barat decked out in a make-shift sling fashioned from a Union Jack flag, they definitely came to put on one hell of a show. They were armed with an arsenal of great tracks, "Bang Bang You're Dead", "You Fucking Love It" and "Deadwood" were among the stand-outs. Other highlights of the night include the surprise treat of not one, but two Libertines' songs ("Death on the Stairs" and the closer "I Get Along"), and a very special performance of "France", where Barat removed his arm sling to play guitar for the only time during the set. A special thanks to the bartender for supplying me with cups of ice to numb the pain and allowed me to enjoy the show! Setlist: Deadwood Doctors & Dealers If You Love A Woman Wondering Gentry Cove Bloodthirsty Bastards You Fucking Love It Gin & Milk Death On The Stairs - (The Libertines) The Enemy Last Of The Small Town Playboys Bang Bang You're Dead Encore: France I Get Along - (The Libertines) Download: The Dirty Pretty Things - "Deadwood" (MP3)


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