Friday, July 28, 2006

Pitchfork Aftershows

If the heat doesn't exhaust you during Pitchfork this weekend, and you're not saving your ticket stubs for your amazing scrapbook. Then, you can relinquish those stubs for free admission after the 'fork and keep your rock buzz going over at the Metro, Schubas, Hideout, or Martyrs'. Some viable options include: On Saturday, Martyrs' is hosting the Third Russian Rock Festival (Don't really know any of the bands but could definitely be interesting); The Hideout is featuring local angular rock band, The Jai Alai Savant with DJ Sets by Major Taylor and Ted/Leo's Pharmacists among others; while over at The Empty Bottle you can get your metal/pysch rock fix as Danava, Functional Blackouts, and Plastic Crimewave Sound will all play. Also, Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) will be playing a solo show at Schuba's, this one may be a little trickier getting in, as it may sell out. On Sunday, check out DJ sets over at Smartbar by Diplo and Bonde Do Role; or cruise over to the Empty Bottle for the indierock circus that is Lonesome Organist. If any of these shows interest you, I would recommend showing up as soon as you can after the fest, space is sure to be limited.


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