Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Live Review - Richard Swift @ Schubas 7/5/06

Richard Swift is a musician for anyone who wants to listen to songs where the strength is in the lyrical content. As Richard sings himself in “The Novelist,” 'Try to write a book each time I speak.' He is, in a word: endearing. Some of his songs can linger towards a dreamy melancholy. ("The Novelist," for example, is full of these dreamy little segues that remind you of what Citizen Kane’s life might have been like before he was taken away as a boy.) At other times, as in "Walking Without Effort," he is hopeful and triumphant (“You with your beautiful heart!”) Overall, he is incredibly worthwhile. Although you cannot buy his upcoming album yet, which is entitled Dressed Up For the Letdown, you can now purchase Walking Without Effort and The Novelist, which have been repackaged and released as a double album for one incredibly low price. You can hear songs from these and his soon to be released album by going to his webpage (the songs will play and cycle through automatically) or his MySpace page Live, his singing was supplemented by the playing of his backup band, The Sons of National Freedom. He switched off and on between guitar, harmonica, and keyboard while other band members filled in the songs with drums and bass. It really came together well and the songs were very engaging to listen to live. He played mainly songs off of The Novelist while interjecting some of his new ones. The exception to this was when he played an encore of “Beautiful Heart,” which was amazing live (he definitely has the same vocal range that comes through on the studio recording.) Other highlights were “Lady Day,” “Lovely Night,” and “Looking Back, I Should Have Been Home More.” -Kirstiecat


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