Thursday, June 15, 2006

RFC Interview: The Streets

The pairing of you and Lady Sovereign on the same tour seems like a perfect fit, but then again here in the States, we only know like 4 grime artists total. Are you friends with the SOV? Have you worked with her much before? I’ve kind of known her off and on for years. I saw her last night for the first time in quite a while. When you promote internationally like I am and she is, you know... you don’t touch down for very long. Has there been anything from the American hip-hop scene that you've been into lately? I quite like the new Megan Rochellthere’s some new Scarface bits I like...Rick Ross...just bits of everything. I think the production is still really fresh. I think the kind of competition to see who’s the hardest is a bit of a one-way street, though. I think that’s the only problem with it. How tough do you want to get before you just end of being a bit silly. What do you think is the number one misconception that Americans have about Engish people or culture? Well, there’s a lot of different kinds of Americans. I think if you speak to most people in New York, you know...most of them more switched on people, they’ve got a fairly accurate view of how complicated and dense people we are. But I think outside of that, it’s different. For example...? Well, I think they just judge us by our past really, you know? Like I say...we make wrong stereotypes of Americans because we think they’re all kind of fat and bigoted like George Bush. But you’re not, ya know? One last question...who’s going to win the World Cup? The UK Mike Skinner and The Streets close out the first night of Intonation (June 24), schedued start time is 9:20pm...(like you're not going to be there for six hours prior already)


Anonymous Steven Vance said...

I thought that double ring thing on his hand was a cigarette. Well, it still looks like he should be holding on in the pic.

6/15/2006 10:56:00 AM  

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