Thursday, June 08, 2006

NPR-me, A-S-A-P!

With the weekend near, I guess I have beer on the brain today as I found another music n' booze-related story. I did catch the story this morning about Pabst moving their headquarters to the 'burbs, but I completely missed this story (via Chicagoist) from last month about PBR underwriting NPR's All Things Considered. In the words of Jon Stewart, "whaaaaaaa?" Pabst sponsored "All Songs Considered," which often features indie bands, in an effort to reach young, new media-savvy consumers, said NPR spokesman Chad Campbell. Of course, the whole reason that PBR got popular again was the fact that the brand had completely dropped off the face of the mainstream radar and trucker-hat wearin' hipsters of the past decade started to embrace it for its ironic kitsch value. Now that PBR has come full circle, what's the next old school brew to be embraced by the indie community? Hamm's? Falstaff? Blatz? Personally, I'd have to nominate Schlitz. It tastes better than PBR and has a rich local history. Oh, and whatever happened to Huber Bock at The Empty Bottle? That was some damn fine beer for a buck. And speaking of Chicagoist... The local blog sibling to New York's Gothamist is celebrating their 2 year anniversary tonight at The Pontiac Cafe. The party starts at 9pm and will feature DJ sets from Tankboy and DJ Coco Le Roc, plus a live performance from Suffrajett.


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