Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Intonation Previews

This week, Newcity is also jumping on the Intonation bandwagon early with their "Vice Squad" preview issue. In addition to a complete "A to Z Guide" of the festival line-up, my esteemed colleague and editor Melissa Lane talks to the organizers of this year's Intonation about setting up the event and tapping Vice Records to curate. Somewhat disappointedly, the Intonation chiefs were again rather mum about their infamous split with Pitchfork, though they did manage to squeeze in a couple of subtle jabs. "Last year's crowd was very homogonous. There's a whole city full of people who aren't tied to their computers all day, who get their music from the radio or mix tapes..." Also in the issue is my interview with Mike Skinner of The Streets. It was only a 15-minute phoner, but I ended up with a lot more material than I had space for in Newcity. However, their loss is RFC's gain...jump to the next post for additional insight from everyone's favorite Birmingham geezer.


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