Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who doesn't love experimental Australian drone?

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, Reckless on Milwaukee will be hosting a rare in-store performance from Australian experimental artist Oren Ambarchi. Here's the official scoop from Reckless HQ: Oren has released several albums on labels like TOUCH, SOUTHERN LORD, IDEA, STAUBGOLD and TZADIK to name a few...his albums are a unique take on guitar minimalism, focusing on low-end drone yet his sound is that of pristine tones and almost glacial layers of sound. It's soothing, gorgeous, and sometimes unnerving...his last release for Touch "Grapes From The Estate" was a gorgeous amalgamation of minimalism and (dare we say) post-rock shuffle...He is currently in the states touring with SUNN O))), but with Friday being the Sabbat he will NOT be performing at the Logan Square Auditorium and this will be his ONLY Chicago performance, and certainly one not to be missed! But wait, there's more in-store fun this weekend at Reckless... Former Melivns and current High on Fire bassist Joe Preston(aka THRONES) will be performing an in-store Sunday at 4pm on Milwaukee and over at the Broadway location, direct from the armpit of the nation (aka Indiana) comes Metro-headliners Murder By Death for an acoustic in-store performance at 2pm on Saturday.


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