Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Version Music '06, Week 3

Damn...this thing is still going on? Version '06 heads into its final week with another batch of music mayhem. Wed 05/03 @ Elastic Arts (2830 N. Milwaukee Ave, 2nd Fl) Lobisomem Paul Giallorenzo/Jason Stein/Charles Rumbach trio Thu 05/04 @ South Union Arts THE NOISE AWARDS Movies have the Oscars and TV has the Emmys. Theater has the Tonys and crappy pop music has the Grammy's. But what about noise music? This year during Version>06, Terry Plumming and friends present the first ever International Noise Awards. Join us at the historic South Union Arts club and watch the drama unfold as dozens of social misfits vie for such honors as Best Circuit Bending, Most Authentic Onstage Checking of Email, Worst Tour Itinerary, Most People on Stage at One Time and Best Feedback. Performances by Bloodyminded, Brotman & Short, Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface, Pommel, Spunky Toofers, Metaphysical Playroom, Mr. Fuckhead, Hookworm, Buttfuck Pussy and suprise scene celebrity special guests will make the night complete. Fri 05/05 @ IIT McCormick Student Center Re:actor Norwegians Gisle Fr√łysland, John Hegre and Anders Gogstad will show a mix of interactive sound/video installations in a room wired with laser beam sensors and robotic cameras that are used to trigger video/audio based on movements from the audience. It will first be presented in the evening as a stand-alone installation only driven by the audience. Later at night it will be shown as a club performance where the artists will jam along with the input from the audience. Radio Concert with 15 radios* by Maia Urstad Winter Carousel Terrior Bute 3-man synth rock from Milwaukee WI. Panda Express A band about wild animals, fast food and short shorts. Randall Bailey plays noise, Rotten Milk plays drums, Heather Marie Vernon plays trumpet, sings and makes sounds with her mouth. MegaZilla Columbia MO based drums and bass two-peice. Sir Edmund Hillary and The Sherpas Music borne out of a desire for societal change. Our sense of community is defined by grievance with our surroudnings. Much of what is wrong with music in our world is steadfastly avoided by The Sherpas. The tenet of profitability has led to bland populism which requires a media blitzkrieg to stir the masses. The tenet of consistent performances has led to rigidity and predictable songs. The tenet of professionalism makes creative musicians forget what they are supposed to be doing. The Sherpas individually bring their own ideas to each performance with a tabula rasa. The Sherpas will move you with their music. 10 Monorhythms a performance by Marc Arcuri & Bubblegum Shitface The Dolphin Champaign Urbana's number one noise band. Inshi An avant-motion-sickness-tightrope walk prestidigitation in the vein of Orthrelm and the very few like, featuring a member of Skin Graft wunderkind Yowie. Lightbox Orchestra Fred Lonberg Holm's free music supergroup. Stelios Valavanis & Insect Deli Surround sound electroacoustic performance. TV Pow Chicago's longest-running free-improv laptop trio presented in surrorund sound. Xianggang Delight A Chicago-based musical group that has been performing regularly since summer 2001. Their aim is to synthesize the following two elements: the post-global economic and social theories of Saskia Sassen and the rock group The Who's musical output from 1965. They employ handouts, choreography and various techniques (such as explosives) to "raise up" the audience; additionally, every song is accompanied by an illustrative video. Fat Battery From Norway. Knut Vaage, Alwynne Pritchard and Thorolf Thuestad. Instrumental improvisation with electronics, found objects and specially constructed instruments. GOAT The Guild of Acquired Technology plays improvised noise music with an arsenal of circuit bent equipment. Intense Situations of Peril: Chicago Sat 05/06 @ Iron Studios One final throwdown hidden away in Garfield Park, featuring performances by Killer Whales, Water Babies, Chandeliers and Lazer Crystal. DJ sets by Mikhael Unicorn, Hunter Husar & Bitch Ass Darius. Sun 05/07 @ South Union Arts Closing night of Version 'o6 features performances by: The Bubble Wrap Bride and Groom The Bubble Wrap Bride (Tracey Jakubick) is a fetishistic/homocidal girl next door/everywomen who loves bubble wrap paper above everything. In the bubble wrap wedding certemony she will be joined to the more introverted but equally goofy bubble wrap groom (Vittorio Carli) who wants to become famous at any cost. Both will be wearing bubble wrap wedding outfits, and the bursting of a bubble will produce an orgasm like reaction from the bride. McDonald's Rhythmic noise rock featuring members of Coughs, Mayor Daley and Panda Express. David Diarreah One man indie-rock encyclopedia sings songs of sorrow, plays guitar backwards and soaks up the feedback. Mucca Pazza This marching band's members number in the dozens! They will lead a rousing parade down scenic Union to an afterparty at the Skylark.


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