Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Live Review: (International) Noise Conspiracy@Beat Kitchen 5/27/06

After an incredible set by The Fever (as reviewed by Carlo), Swedish rockers The (International) Noise Conspiracy came on stage with a mission: to rock the ever living shit out of the sweaty, all ages crowd at the Beat Kitchen. Mission Accomplished! Dennis Lyxzén is in every sense a man born to entertain, he knows how to make a crowd go ape shit with his smooth as a baby's butt dance moves, jumping off anything on the stage, and propaganda-filled banter. The Noise Conspiracy boys blazed though much of their last release, Armed Love (which slowly managed to grow on me), and favorites from Survival Sickness ("Smash It Up") and A New Morning, Changing Weather. The one thing the show lacked compared to other times I have seen them was Dennis' anti-capitalism speeches, which is always fun to look around and see half the audience confused on whether or not to cheer along with his the FBI is going to kick in and take everyone in as possible terrorist. But as usual, the band was extremely energetic, and the crowd ate it up. During "Capitalism Stole My Virginity," the kids scurried around to get the chance to support Dennis feet as he walked on top of the crowd singing (I managed to hold him up and get a little hand shake...I swear if I ever became gay, Dennis would be on my top of my "have to do" list). I wish I had like 20 more thumbs so I could give the show 22 thumbs up, but take my word, go see these guys if you haven't yet...nothing but outstanding music that is guaranteed to have you shaking your ass within seconds, with one of the best front men in rock to entertain the living hell out of you. Also, being my first time at the Beat Kitchen I was surprised on how great the sound was during each of the band's set. The venue is pretty decent overall, decent drink prices, friendly staff, and the cleanest bathrooms I have ever been to in a bar/venue. The audience was also refreshing as everyone was cool and full of energy...probably my first time at an all ages show and not getting annoyed. -Brian Johnston


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