Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Version '06 Music Guide, Week 2

Version '06 heads into week two with even more music performances: Wed 04/26 @ Heaven Gallery(1550 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl) The Brown Party 1) bass guitar, kick drum, mounted tom, hi-hat, ride, crash, cabasa,clave, shaker, slide, drum machine 2) snares, guitars, floor toms, microphones, boys singing like girls, 3) dudes, delay pedals, beers a piece, 4) Keyboards, amps, tambourines, girls on each arm. Brenmar Someday Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Brenmar Someday creates music that doesnot easily fit into category. He constructs tunes out of old dusty records, digital and analogue synthesizers, microphones, samplers, and found sounds; he arranges, records, and produces these tunes in the comfort of his room/studio. An electronic musician who’s just as comfortable on stage as he is in his studio, the combination of real-time drum programming, multiple synth lines, and improvisation makes for an exciting and unique live show. Ove Ove consists of Brian Hank Henry and Tony Janas. They are a sonic visual experience not unlike an avalanche. DJ Respect and DJ Jazzy Respect Wed 04/26 @ Happy Dog (1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl) Jennifer Thompson: Poly Block A work in progress that experiments with the dynamics of conversation between improvisational movement/dance composition and sound.Featuring Bubblegum Shitface, Randall Christopher Bailey and others. Thu 04/27 @ South Union Arts(3636 S. Iron) International Noise Awards Part One: Sweet 16 16 of Chicago's illest sonic hustlaz are throwing down intheultimate battle for the ultimate prize. Get schooled in competitive noise battles where YOU decide who is the freshest knob twister, the crunkest feedback enforcer, the baddest circuit bender. Noizers battle tournament style with 30 seconds per competitor. Placing rounds arefought freestyle, the championship is 30 seconds of freestyle, 60seconds of processing in the Fuck Shit Up round. MC/Producer duo Boatman & Short host and award the grand prize: a contract with Terry Plumming Records, home to the finest hoes of noise Babylon. Fri 04/28 @ Sonotheque THE OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL BOOTLEG ART-NO-CHICAGO-VA-FEST-ISMS 101 EXTENDED ART DANCE REMIX REJECTS SOCIAL featuring DJs Logan Bay and Flosstradamus and video work by John Beasley, Paper Rad, E*rock, Barkley’s Barnyard Critters. Sat 04/29 @ Iron Studios Cave This Columbia, MO-based ensemble plays rhythmic yet noisy Kraut-rock style jams and includes members of Warhammer 48K, Mahjonng & Jerusalem and the Starbaskets. Cry Blood Apache Austinites Cry Blood Apache mobilized in March 2005 under a stringent"non-booking" performance philosophy (i.e. busking and crashingorganized shows as preferred methods of performance). CBA's sound blossomed accordingly, pulling inspiration from desolate industrialruins, unspoiled Hill Country terrain, and bustling city sidewalks inequal measure. A compact setup of drum machine, bass, synth, and guitarprovides a street-ready wall of electro-hum while the atmospheric whispers of vocalist Kaspar Glass add a dash of mad, yet humanist, prophesy. Glass' unique flute melodies weave their way above the technological roar, projecting an earthy sense of New Age mysticism. To date, the group has played Austin train yards, the San Antonio Riverwalk, downtown alleyways (in Houston and Little Rock), Larry Flynt's Hustler Club (Shreveport LA) parking lot, a Galveston Massage Parlor, and even an impromptu concert inside the Texas Music Museum. Skarekrau Radio St. Louis's Skarekraü Radio is composed of a rag-tag team of mischevious youthfulites trying their damn hardest to entertain you with their bardic tales of merriment. Some might think it is the work of a psychotic musical mastermind toiling away at horribly misunderstood work. Some think it is throw-away comic rock written by a diseased ferret for his parents 36th wedding anniversary. Some people don't think anything of it. Most people don't even think! But Skarekraü Radio thinks. They also laugh, fart, cry, scream, belch and scratch their privates! They also play music. This will be their first Chicago show since 1999! Slow Jams Band New York's Slow Jams Band takes typical hip hop themes—bongs, babes, bling—and explodes them in absurd mixed media performances that combineobscure theatrics, lots of sampling, intentionally dumb humor, and live sex acts. Rich Porter's "Bug Sized Mind" Barnyard Critter collaborator and Providence-based disaster artist. This is a solo project of Load Records "Wizzards" duo, fresh from a recent tour with Lightning Bolt. Power electronics to take you into the outer atmos-fear. Mildew Shape-shifting experimental noise made by two brothers from Milwaukee. On any given night, it is unclear what version of Mildew will show up. Sometimes it's aggressively harsh, other times mind-shatteringly psychedelic, and every once and a while, it's straight up wacky. Obelisk & MC Cat Genius Goofy abstract hiphop set to minimal jams from Columbia, MO. FReakOUT (beautiful future) Milwaukee WI art star Frankie Martin and her boombox present a dance performance. This Is My Condition Lawrence Kansas's one man rock and roll machine plays guitar and drums at the same damn time! Mudboy Providence-based musical circuit bent spell caster plays a highly modified church organ. Walking a fine line between noise and classical-it's a strange world. Half art rock, half vision quest. Mudboy has been called "the missing link" between Load Records and Last Visible Dog by the Blow Up magazine. DJ Liz Armstrong


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