Friday, April 21, 2006

Mini Review - Spank Rock@Empty Bottle 4/18/06

Hip Hop crammed into a little space is the best because you just might encounter a rapper while in the spectator stance. MC Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan) strolled right pass me with his white hoodie and a martini. Before I knew what hit me, the martini went on the stage and the mic stand fell into the crowd into his hands. The beat began and the rap flowed…MC Spank Rock was right in front of me rapping like it was his last night on Earth. That intensity lasted for another hour and a half with 3 turntables and a guest MC, Pase Rock. The party rocked while they tore through the hits “Put that Pussy on Me”, “Backyard Betty”, “Bump”, and “Rick Rubin”. At one point in the set Spank asked, “Why are you all so hyped?” Spank Rock’s music is a combo of booty beats, Gameboy arcade riffs, synths, and dirty lyrics-a unique combination that would get any music lover hot. Although, it didn’t hurt that the performance had enough energy to fuel a rocket to the moon. And left in the dust was a brief B-Boy dance off…prolonging the concert after it ended. Trust me Spank, none of us were ready to go! -Megan Timmons


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