Friday, April 14, 2006

Mini Interview: Soul Position

Tomorrow night at The Abbey Pub, DJ/producer RJD2 returns to Chicago for what seems like the 20th time in the last six months. This time around he'll be performing as one half of Soul Position, his ongoing collaborative project with rapper Blueprint. RFC recently caught up with the underground hip-hop heroes to talk about their current tour and latest release, Things Go Better With RJ and Al. RFC: So...why do things go better with RJ and Al? Blueprint: Ha...I think we’re in a better place now. It’s a funny title to us but it has a hidden meaning. It’s were we’re at and what we’ve had to go through to get to this point. RFC: What is the inspiration for the lyrics on this record? Blueprint: Everday life kind of…I try to make it something that anybody can get. I’m not on any mission to confuse or make people have to listen to it five times in order to understand what I’m talking about on a particular song. I don’t think that’s what Soul Position is here for. We here to kind of expand things in…maybe widen the door for us and our peers by just using what the average person can relate to or laugh at or identify with. RFC: Any interesting stories from past Chicago gigs? Blueprint: I had a period where everytime I would go there bad shit would happen…like flat tires, equipment would fail, getting lost for three hours. I finally got out of that in 2004. I'm hoping that only normal things will happen this time. RFC: What can we expect from this Saturday's show? RJD2: There’ll be some surprises…it should be fun. Don’t worry, you won’t need to keep it real. You won’t need to cross your arms. Get drunk and have fun and dance. Pretend that you’re going to see Ja Rue, only the music is better.


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