Thursday, March 09, 2006

WZRD off the air...again!

As much as I've railed against WLUW for its incessant fundraising and top-heavy budget, on the other end of the spectrum we have WZRD. While they operate on a shoestring budget, don't conduct any pledge drives (Northeastern still covers their basic expenses) and have no full-time staff members, it would seem that maybe they should look into doing just a little fundraising (how about a Wizard bake sale?) and/or hire some sort of manager/director/consultant, as the station seems to have trouble just staying on the air. Last February, the station went silent for a couple of weeks because their FCC license expired and no one remembered to renew it. Now 88.3 is off the air again because their operating board is broke and they don't have a back-up. Word on the street is that they're looking for someone to drive it to Michigan (?!?) to get it fixed. Well, that shouldn't take too long...I'm sure they'll be back on the air in no time. (sarcasm strongly hinted) I guess they couldn't afford to hire a local engineer to fix it? Meanwhile, they have at least kept the Webstream running at They're not broadcasting live, but they are running some very interesting archival programming that explores the depths of the station's 32-year-old music library


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