Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cover your ears!

In honor of Mogwai's return to Chicago tonight at the Logan Square Auditorium, RFC presents these hearing loss prevention resources: H.E.A.R.: Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers A non-profit hearing information source for musicians and music lovers. Earlove: High Fidelity Hearing Protection A Chicago-based company specializing in earplugs specifically designed to reduce overall sound level while preserving sound quality (i.e. no distortion or muffling of voices, environmental sounds, or music). The Earplug Store Go to a lot of shows?? Buy here in bulk! Vater Percussion: A Guide to the Problem of Hearing Loss that Drummers Face As a drummer and musician, your hearing is the most important instrument you can have. Unfortunately, proper precautions are often overlooked by drummers/musicians because they think wearing earplugs is "not cool". BBC: Danger! High Volume Steve Lamacq investigates the risks of listening to loud music in this BBC Radio One audio documentary. Newsweek: "A Little Bit Louder Please" More than 28 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, a number that could reach 78 million by 2030. The latest science, new treatments—and how to protect yourself. Rolling Stone: "Music Making Fans Deaf" How the iPod generation may be losing its hearing without even knowing it.


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