Thursday, February 16, 2006

RFC Interview: Konrad

"Konrad" is just one of the many performance monikers of Radical Turf Records founder and Deep Elm recording artist Jeff Konrad. Based in the small town of Rock Island, IL (just about 3 hours west of Chicago) Jeff invests all the money he saves on rent into fueling the diverse electronic and underground sounds of Radical Turf as well as his other musical projects like RobotUSA and Light Body Vehicle. This Saturday, Jeff will be making his live Chicago debut at the Big Horse as a part of Radio Free Chicago Night. RFC recently caught up with Jeff to discuss more about Radical Turf, the music of Konrad and this Saturday's show. Radio Free Chicago: What inspired you to start your own record label? Jeff Konrad: Just like wanted to do my own thing and hype my friends stuff. RFC: Radical Turf is mostly an electronic label, what are your thoughts on the current state of electronic music? JK: Electronic music is hot corn in the popper. Just not now. It all comes around...needs more grease... RFC: Where/how do you find artists for Radical Turf? JK: It's called the exponential factor: A friend hears a friend who hears a friend who hears a friend who hears an etc..etc. The US is full of ripe sounds. It's effortless to find musical brilliance in Midwest America 2006. It's like shooting quail in a covey. RFC: What's it like balancing your own musical career while also managing a label? JK: It sucks. Seriously. I would not advise it. RFC: Tell us about your upcoming show this Saturday at the Big Horse: JK: My 3 piece band "Konrad," which is myself (guitar and voices), Ben Crabb (drums, vocals) and Chris Boley (bass), will be playing a traditional set of indie rock. This is the first time in a year I've played with a band live so it should be fun. I'd been using laptops, drum machines and circuit-bended stuff recently and this set is the OPPOSITE of that. SPEED ROUND RFC: Do you like robots? JK: No. My left arm can prove it. RFC: MySpace..great networking tool, or huge waste of time? JK: Both. Great place to talk about nothing/everything with everybody/nobody. RFC: Is Rock Island a radical place to live? JK: Rock Island has the oldest library in the state of Illinois. I find that sorta' radical. RFC: What do you like on your tacos? JK: Pico de gallo. RFC: Record you listened to most in 2005: JK: Not sure. I only listen to frequency scanners: Uniden (800xlt) and Radio Shack (pro52) Ham-band, Po/air/citizen Scanners (30-800 mhz), Citizen Band Radio/CB (26-28 mhz)...Uniden Trunk-Trackers II...All-Band Magnetic-Mount Radio Shack 25 to 1300MHZ..... For more information on Konrad, visit or Don't forget, Radio Free Chicago Night featuring Konrad, Typewriter, Hay Perro and DJ Lucifer Sam is this Saturday at The Big Horse, 1558 N. Milwaukee. Audio Sample: Konrad - "Flip Light Switches / Spin Cycle"


Anonymous bobsbag said...

I know this guy personally. He's got heart. He is relentless. Seriously he is going to explode when the word gets out. Radical Turf Records is doing amazing things with no budget and no publicity. Konrad lives in a town that glorifies 80's hair metal cover bands and copy-cat blues/rock bar bands and he still manages to produce fresh new tracks. Seriously check this label out:

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