Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Your Best of 2005

Emerson Dameron - Dusted Magazine/WLUW radio 1. Sun City Girls - Uncle Jim's Superstars of Greenwich Meantime (Black Velvet Fuckere) 2. Akron/Family - Akron/Family (Young God) 3. Kallikak Family - May 23 2007 (Tell-All) 4. Smog - A River Ain't Too Much to Love (Drag City) 5. Sound Directions - The Funky Side of Life (Stones Throw) 6. Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - Buck Dharma (5RC) 7. Arizona Amp and Alternator - Arizona Amp and Alternator (Thrill Jockey) 8. Scharpling & Wurster - Hippie Justice (Stereolaffs) 9. Old Time Relijun - 2012 (K) 10. Teotihuacan - s/t (?) Jake Austin - Roctober magazine/Chic-A-Go-Go! Thor "Thor Against The World" (Smog Veil) Quintron "Swamp Tech" (Rhinestone) "One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found" (Rhino Records) "Oprah Winfrey Show 20th Anniversary Collection" DVD Box Set (Harpo) Coq Roq "Bob Your Head" (BK) Ponderosa Stomp Music Festival (Knights of the Mau Mau) First few episodes of Rock Star: INXS (ABC) Oscar Brown Jr: Music Is My Life, Politics My Mistress (Directed by donnie l. betts) R. Kelly "Trapped In A Closet 1-12" DVD (BMG) The Juan Maclean "less than human" (DFA) Bruce Adams - Kranky MY TOP 10 NON-KRANKY FAVORITES OF 2005 (in no particular order) 1. Pelican "The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw" (Hydrahead) 2. Murcof "Remembranza" (Leaf) 3. Signaldrift "Girl" (Audraglint) 4. Six Organs of Admittance "School of the Flower" (Drag City) 5. Sunn (((O "Black One" (Southern Lord) 6. Magic Arrows "Sweet Heavenly Angel of Death" (Wobblyhead) 7. Vertonen "Orchid Collider" (C.I.P.) 8. Christina Carter "Human as Guitar" CDR 9. Opeth "Ghost Reveries" (Roadrunner) 10. Nick Butcher "The Complicated Bicycle" (Hometapes)


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you might be interested in this new akron/family interview at


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