Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New Releases Tuesday (11/1)

Looks like the record industry is also a bit hungover from the long Halloween weekend...very limited release schedule today. In fact, the one big name release today, Nirvana's Sliver collection isn't even that significant because it's just a shortenened rehash of last year's box set. Anway...here's the short list: Goldfrapp - No. 1 [ep] (Mute) Allison, why must you tease us like this? UK fans have been enjoying your latest full-length record since August and all we get is this 6-song EP? Sun Kil Moon - Tiny Cities (Caldo Verde) Second release from Mark Kozalek's post-Red House Painters project. Imogen Heap - S/T (RCA) Debut domestic release from the vocalist of Frou Frou.


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