Thursday, November 17, 2005

Everybody will be killed with discounts!

This weekend, Hyde Park Records will be celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary with live in-store performances, free snacks galore and insane discounts. In fact, the word on 53rd Street is that "everybody will be killed with discounts." Local ethereal rockers Arks are scheduled to play Friday at 8pm, while DJ King Titan & Crew will be spinning the tunes on Saturday. If you're a fellow North Sider like myself who loves rekids, it's seriously worth the trip down there. They have an amazing selection of vinyl and, unlike Reckless, everything isn't always so damn picked over. In fact, last year for their opening party I dropped like 90 bucks because I found so many cheap used LPs and 12"s that I'd never been able to find elsewhere. Here's the official info: Hyde Park Records 377 E. 53rd St.Chicago, IL 60615 (773) 288.6588 Click here for map


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