Saturday, October 22, 2005

Quintron Benefit tonight in Bridgeport

I don't usually make posts on the weekend, but I was trying to catch up on the events/concert calendar this morning and had to pass this along (via RottenMilk). Fundraiser for Quintron (New Orleans Artist Fund) featuring Paper Rad, Doo Man Group, Gay Nerds, Paper Rad Videos, Bobby Conn & Magas 9pm at Iron Studios 3636 S Iron St 2nd floor If you haven't heard the story yet, quirky New Orleans indie electronic pop artists Quintron and Miss Pussycat lost everything when Katrina ripped through their home/recording studio/music venue in the Ninth Ward. For more on the story and the latest updates, go to: They'll also be in town themselves next week on the 31st at The Empty Bottle, which (in my opinion) should be the hottest ticket for Halloween night.


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