Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Majorie Fair back in town...again

Received this listing via The Onion events newsletter: Marjorie Fair are hitting the open road this fall playing dates with Doves, Tegan & Sara, The Redwalls, Northern State, and Youth Group. Check them out at this intimate Apple in-store event as they preview their live show and songs from their latest album, Self Help Serenade.They will also perform later that night at Park West with Will Hoge. E-mail promotions[at] with "Marjorie Fair" in the subject line for your chance to win a pair of tickets and and iPod Shuffle! OK, first many times has Majorie Fair been in town as an opener already this year?? Without even trying, I've somehow managed to see them twice already...and I swear I've seen their name on at least two or three other random bills since. Now they're opening for Will Hoge this weekend and will be opening for the likes of The Doves, Redwalls, Northern State, etc. the rest of the fall. Damn, these guys get around! Despite inadvertently seeing them twice, I still really don't have a good read on the band. They do meloncholic pop ala Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Red House Painters, etc. (a genre that I dig), but I'm not completely sold on their version of it (a bit too derivative, perhaps?). However, they don't completely suck either...which is probably why they keep bouncing around between so many opening slots and not headlining their own gigs. Second, "win a chance to iPod Shuffle"??? Didn't they discontinue those things??? (good-bye Shuffle, hellooo Nano!) This seems like a really shitty giveaway... an outdated piece of technology left over from the Apple Store's basement and a pair of tickets to see a second-rate band?? Don't e-mail your contest entries all at once, I'm sure The Onion's e-mail server is already struggling to keep up with the demand for this! The Apple Store is located at 679 N. Michigan, the Marjorie Fair in-store is Saturday at 2pm


Anonymous Bill V said...

Sounds like this band and the promotion are both lame, are they a favorite at the label? Reminds me of others that seem to be around all summer, then disappear forever.

10/26/2005 01:08:00 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

The Nano replaced the Mini- the shuffle is still going strong.

10/26/2005 02:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill V is a doosh. this is one of the most increadible bands I've seen in a long time and when I talked to them, they said the label didn't do shit. They've done it all them selves.

4/18/2006 04:04:00 PM  

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