Monday, September 19, 2005

Sufjan live pics

Pictures of Sufjan Stevens' Friday night (9/16) performance at Metro are available for your viewing pleasure in the RFC Live Photo Archive. Check out Nicole's review of the show here. Editor's note: I was at Saturday's show and thought the entire presentation was genius. Stevens performed his songs with his signature understated, yet sincere delivery while his backing band of "Illinoisemakers" kept things loose and energetic. Many of Stevens' songs are rather quiet and slow (some people might even call them "depressing") but he did a great job of pacing the show to keep the audience engaged. An extended set of solo Sufjan slow jams could lull even the most enthusiastic crowd to sleep, but the balance of the morose with the upbeat was executed perfectly on the setlist and the hilarious mock cheers in-between songs kept the energy level up all night long. Kudos to Sufjan for striving to make his live act a truly memorable experience, rather than just another shoe-gazing indie rock show. Technorati:


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I took pictures, too.

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