Thursday, September 01, 2005


Brooklyn Vegan has great coverage of the recent struggle to save New York's landmark rock venue CBGB, including some nice pics of Blondie and Public Enemy at yesterday's "CBGB Forever" rally. Today, the Vegan reports that even though their lease officially expired last night at midnight and their landlord has asked them to "vacate the premises both voluntarily and expeditiously,'' the crew at CBGB's have no plans to start packing today. As the Vegan also points out, the potential loss of one live music venue now seems rather inconsequential after seeing Hurricane Katrina render the entire city of New Orleans completely inhospitable...but the loss of CBGB would still be tragic in its own right within the realms of modern music history. On a lighter note...where was Mayor Daley back in 2000 when Lounge Ax was losing its lease??? Would've been nice to see Da Mare sportin' a "Save Lounge Ax" shirt around town.


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