Monday, August 08, 2005

The Changes begin Schubas Residency

Tonight, local indie-popsters The Changes begin a month-long Monday night residency at Schubas. The band has only has two self-released eps under their belt, but they've been able to generate quite a bit of buzz both locally and nationwide. In fact, they even recieved a glowing brief blurb in a recent issue (7/30) of Billboard magazine: For a young, unsigned Chicago pop act, the Changes have a powerful ally. Manager Chris Baronner books shows for the city's famed Cabaret Metro, which has helped the Changes play in front of the likes of Stephen Malkmus, the Futureheads and the Walkmen...with bouncy keyboards, jangly guitars and easy-to-hum choruses, the Changes have become darlings of the city's pop scene. The group stands apart from its peers by adding a light tough of jazzy improvisation, a la Chicago's beloved Sea and Cake. The Changes will perform in their hometown July 24 at Lollapalooza, the lone unsigned act on the festival's bill. Yeah, the Sea and Cake comparisons are inevitable at times, but they've also got plenty of their own power-pop choruses and jangly hooks to keep them from being discounted as mere Prekop/Pruitt copy-cats. Case in point: "Her, You and I." An unbelievably infectious tune that just may be their ticket to a juicy major-label deal. Then again, that track is by far the least listened to song on their MySpace page, so what do I know??? All of the August residency shows start at 8pm and are 21+, except for the 22nd performance which is 18+. Different bands will open every week...with Baby Teeth and The Narrator getting the nod for tonight's kick-off performance. Price at the door is a dirt cheap $6. Cans of tasty Schlitz beer are only $2.


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