Friday, August 12, 2005

Aesop Rock vs. Mountain Goats

How's this for a disparate pair? Tonight's latest installment of the Biz 3 DJ series at Sonotheque features underground hip-hop artist Aesop Rock matched up with indie-rock singer/songwriter John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats. Ben from Biz 3 says, "I can't even imagine what the hell these two are going to play....some Appalachian folk next to Chickenhead?" My thoughts exactly. Aesop will undoubtedly be crankin' up the bass and dropping some mad hip-hop beats, but Darnielle is a noted purveyor of all things lo-fi (i.e. no bass) there could be some interesting musical transitions between the two. Perhaps they can drop some hot mash-ups by putting some of Darnielle's lo-fi noodling over the top of some bumpin' El-P instrumentals?? Should be an interesting night nonetheless... Doors open at 9pm, $10 cover...21+. Sonotheque is located at 1444 W. Chicago


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