Friday, July 08, 2005

Weekend Concert Outlook

Tonight (7/8) Sonotheque is definitely the place to be tonight, as the multi-talented munchkin Lady Sovereign will be introducing her cheeky rap stylings to Chicago. Show starts at 10pm, Ben Fasman (Biz 3), John Herndon (Tortoise) and Damon Locks (Biz 3) will open with DJ sets. Saturday (7/9) Son of legendary Afro-beat founder Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti will be in town on Saturday for a set at Metro. Here's more from MetroNews: Femi is the undisputed inheritor of his father's genius, talent, and unofficial ambassadorship of Afro-beat to the world. Femi's version of Afro-beat is the most exciting new sound to emerge from Nigeria in years, borrowing the best elements of his father's powerfully polyrhythmic prototype: a funky, jazzy, heavily percussive sound that took James Brown's beat back to Africa. Femi adds to that winning formula the freshness and exuberance of young Lagos and its taste for the new R&B and dance music of American and Europe, in addition to his sharply critical political commentary.


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