Monday, July 25, 2005

Dandy's reunite with Jonestown at Lollapalooza

(From Fri, 7/22) ...that would be perfect timing for the Dandy's to casually stroll on over to the Dark Room after their Lolla gig to come check out the Jonestown who will probably be starting their set around 10 or 11. Perhaps a spontaneous reunion or jam session might ensue??? Yeah, right...

Well, I be damned!! It actually did happen...though not at the Dark Room, but at the Dandy Warhols set Sunday night at Lollapalooza. Former Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Matt Hollywood and Jonestown ring leader Anton Newcombe actually joined the Warhols for a few songs during their set. It was a total riot seeing them all play up there and sure enough, there was even a bit of drama from Anton at the end. It wasn't a part of the set, but after Anton left the stage he kept bitchin' to all the security people backstage about one of the photographers, and tried to get the guy kicked out. I actually ran into the photographer in question after the show, and apparently Anton was successful in getting him booted off the stage. What was it that provoked him?? Well, this wasn't just any photog, but it was one of the Jonestown's former managers. Anton claimed to the security people that he had a restraining order on him and eventually he was escorted off stage. I didn't prod any more about whether there really was a restraining order in effect or whether it was just complete BS, but either way it's just another classic story in the dysfunctional life of Anton Newcombe and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Technorati:

Stay tuned...lots more Lollapalooza coverage and pictures to come here in the next couple of days. Any stories/pics from this weekend you'd like to share??? Send them to rfceditor(at) Speaking of which, this weekend I received a great extended piece from RFC reader Robyn Detterline about her experiences last week at Intonation. Scroll down and check it out today while we sort through all our Lolla footage this afternoon.


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