Friday, June 17, 2005

A Successor to the 'Bowl?

Bob Mehr from the Reader reports that a new all-ages venue called "The Studio" has opened in Rogers Park in the Heartland Theater space at 7016 N. Glenwood. The performances are being booked by Rose Red Productions, who are trying to fill the void left when the Fireside Bowl kicked out MP Shows last fall in an effort to restore the venue back into a legitimate bowling facility. Here's more from Rose Red's website:

For the next few months, Rose Red Productions will be leasing the Heartland Theatre in Rogers Park. Our main focus of this project is to bring back an all ages live music venue within the city that the Fireside Bowl once filled within the local scene. In doing so, we want to hold strongly on the D.I.Y. mentality. With your support, we want to bring parties back to shows and the kids back to shows. So let's make this happen Chicago!

(For booking inquiries e-mail


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