Thursday, June 30, 2005

Props to the 'Fork

I have to admit, when I saw the original line-up for Pitchfork's Intonation Festival, I wasn't real impressed. All it consisted of was indie rock, indie rock, indie rock and more indie rock. Hardly any diversity at all... However, since the original announcement was made, the line-up has been bolstered quite a bit. They've added some glitch pop courtesy of Four Tet, a little jazz influence from Tortoise, some mash-up fun with Diplo (DJ set) and underground hip-hop from El-P (DJ set). Now, most recently, they've added glitchy hip-hop savant Prefuse 73 to the live bill. OK guys, you've got me...well done on the festival. I had been holding my nose up high, wanting to snub the fest due to its lack of diversity and excessive indie-rockness, but it's actually come together quite nicely. Plus, how can you be critical of a festival of this magnitude that only charges $22 bucks for 2 full days of music?? Now, I'm not saying I'm going for sure...(I'm still a bit allergic to outdoor festivals), but I've got to applaud everyone at the 'Fork for the effort. Here's the latest schedule for the event: Saturday, July 16: 1:00 Head of Femur 1:30 Pelican 2:00 The M's 2:45 A.C. Newman 3:30 Magnolia Electric Co. 4:30 Four Tet 5:30 Broken Social Scene 6:30 The Go! Team 7:20 Prefuse 73 8:00 Death From Above 1979 9:00 Tortoise DJ Stage-presented by Biz3 3:30 Laurent from Pelican 5:30 Will Oldham/Jean Grae 7:30 Will Oldham/Jean Grae Sunday, July 17: 1:00 Thunderbirds Are Now! 1:30 Dungen 2:00 Xiu Xiu 2:45 Out Hud 3:30 The Hold Steady 4:30 Andrew Bird 5:30 Deerhoof 6:30 The Wrens 7:30 Les Savy Fav 8:30 The Decemberists DJ Stage-presented by Biz3 3:30 Reine from Dungen 5:30 El-P 7:30 Diplo Check out for more info and the latest updates


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