Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Funk the Mental presents Apparat at Sonotheque

Now, I know what you're probably thinking...who the hell is Apparat?? But trust me on this one, if you really dig electronic music, you need to get to know Apparat. I saw him open up for T.Raumschmiere a while back at the Empty Bottle and I immediately went to the record store the next day to buy his album. I NEVER do this...the show was that good. Here's more from the Sonotheque website: Apparat, aka Sascha Ring, is co-owner (with t.raumschmiere) of the Shitkatapult label. Since 1999, Shitkatapult has chronicled the DIY-sound of Berlin's techno renegades and refugees. Their self-described sound: "Every release is different. Digital high-speed attacks, groovy lownoise-loops, rocking shuffle-techno, funky micro-house tunes -- Shitkatapult has everything your electronically polluted heart wants and, if we have our way, everything your electronically polluted heart needs." Apparat's partner, T.Raumschmiere, has whipped up a stateside hipster frenzy thanks to a stage show packed with punk rock antics ala destroying keyboards and stripping down to his underwear while diving head-first into the stage monitors. Apparat directs a similar intensity inward, chopping conventional techno, electro and experimental genres to bits andre-assembling them into a surprisingly warm and potent glitch-funk-headnod stew. with three LPs; multiple EPs, singles and remixes (on Shitkatapult and Ellen Allien's Berlin-based bpitchcontrol); and a prestigious BBC Peel Session to his name, it's no surprise that Apparat has been selected as a featured artist for both this year's Detroit and Mutek festivals. Apparat is well known for live shows, utilizing a custom software package (programmed by Sascha himself) to rock the laptop with a maximum amount of sound and spontaneity. Don't miss this rare performance by one Berlin's most daring impresarios. This headlining live PA performance is a part of the monthly "Funk the Mental" series at Sonotheque presented by WLUW's Abstract Science and (recently added to the series) WNUR's Clinically Inclined. Also featured on this night's "post-Detroit/pre-Mutek Shitkatapult strike!" will be a live PA from Chicago's Matt Mercer and DJ sets from M50, Dave Siska and Chris Widman. Festivities begin at 9p, must be 21+...Sonotheque is located at 1444 W. Chicago.


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