Friday, May 13, 2005 launches classic alternative stream

While the revamped Q-101 didn't turn into a full-time classic alternative outlet like I had hoped, leave it to my ol' pals at 97X to give me what I wanted. Today on their website, "The Future of Rock n' Roll" announced that they will be launching WOXY Vintage, a new streaming web channel that will spin classic alternative 24/7. Here's the official scoop: WOXY.COM: WOXY Vintage channel launches, debuts with Modern Rock 500 "WOXY Vintage," a new 24/7 streaming channel from WOXY.COM, will debut Memorial Day Weekend (May 28, 2005). WOXY Vintage is a new channel of programming dedicated to the history of Modern Rock, Alternative and Punk music. This exclusive WOXY.COM stream will guide listeners through nearly 30 years of adventurous, innovative and influential music from The Velvet Underground in the 1960's to The Clash, Talking Heads, The Smiths and Depeche Mode in the 70's & 80's right through Grunge & Britpop of the 1990's. Audio time capsules will combine with the expansive music library to provide an historical soundtrack unlike any other. General Manager Bryan Jay Miller: "WOXY Vintage is going to give us a chance to really dig into the 11,000 CD music library we've amassed over 23 years. Listeners that have been with the station since the early days will hear long lost favorites, and new listeners beginning to explore the roots of Alternative and Modern Rock will get a comprehensive introduction to the founders of the genre." The launch of WOXY Vintage coincides with the return of the annual Modern Rock 500 which will run Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 28- Monday, May 30). The Modern Rock 500 will repeat the week following Memorial Day, May 31 – June 3.


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