Wednesday, May 18, 2005

WHPK DJ writes the book on R.E.M.

Congrats to local rock critic and WHPK "Radio Zero" co-host J. Niimi for being the latest author to get his work published in the 331/3 book series. The series is a collection of short books about critically acclaimed albums from the past 40 years. Here's more from Continuum Books: By turns obsessive, passionate, creative, and informed, the books in this series demonstrate many different ways of writing about music. What binds this series together, and what brings it to life, is that all of the authors—musicians, scholars, broadcasters, and writers—are huge fans of the albums they have chosen. Here's more from the snarky purveyors of all things hip, Vice magazine: These are for the insane collectors out there who appreciate fantastic design, well-executed thinking, and things that make your house look cool.… We love these. For his contribution, Niimi tackled the fable of R.E.M.'s legendary debut record, Murmur, which forever changed the landscape of college radio and underground music. I'll leave the in-depth analysis of the record to Niimi, but trust me, this is a title worth reading more about...even if you still hate R.E.M. for unleashing that debacle called "Shiny Happy People." This, and other new titles in the series are now available on-line here at or at such local outlets as Barbara's Books, Seminary Coop, Tower and Barnes & Noble. Other recent titles getting the 331/3 treatment include Led Zeppelin IV, Pet Sounds, Exile on Main St. and Jeff Buckley's Grace. You can check out more writing from Niimi in such fine publications as the Chicago Reader, the Village Voice and the Seattle Weekly...or check him out on the radio every Thursday from 10a-12p on WHPK-FM 88.5.


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