Monday, May 09, 2005

RFC Interview - 7inchwave

I recently heard from an anonymous source (who we'll call 'PVH') that this hot new band from Iowa called 7inchwave was coming to town soon. Sounds like a bit of dichotemy, right? You generally don't hear the words "hot band" and Iowa in the same sentence. However, PVH is a trusted source and knows his rock, so I decided to investigate further...

According to their profile on My Space, 7inchwave consists of three robotic humanoids named Danomatika, Karltron and Grantbotnik who play "Dancy Surfer-Robot Punk Rock." Hmmm...perhaps we've found this generation's Devo? Here's their official bio:

7inchWave consists of 3 human entities whose mission is to spread the robotic word of music through all space and time. This message goes out to all who have yet to unlock their own personal vices and programmed inhibitions: those who must strive to maintain sanity among the crowd of normals, those who behave abnormally in a most sub-human manner, and those who exhibit signs of severe frustration with the world. We will absolve all your worldly sins through sheer noise and harmony. Embrace the wave, people, and all shall be right with the robotic world. With upcoming gigs at both the Bottom Lounge and Buddy Gallery, I decided to track down the members of 7inchwave to get more insight on this mysterious new band from the nation's heartland... RADIO FREE CHICAGO: So what's the story behind 7inchwave? (how did the band get started, what is the origin of the name, are you guys really robots? etc., etc.) Danomatika: We are indeed robots. Our only mission is to execute our entertainment protocol. Adopting human form, speech, and mannerisms has allowed us to perform this task to the needed degree. The name comes from surf, new wave, and 7 inch records. Grantbotnik: Our unit has been performing in our current incarnation for roughly 11 lunar orbits. RFC: I hear that Ames, Iowa is the next "Williamsburg," is this true? D: Ames has its moments, its people, and its bands, but it is hardly big on its music scene. Let's just say that most students here pass the time by drinking, instead of drinking while going to shows. RFC: You've got a pretty solid tour booked for a band that doesn't have a full album out yet, let alone a record deal, how did you pull that off? D: We have the tunes and our persuasion algorithms are top notch. RFC: Are you guys really ready to rock Chicago? What can audiences expect from your live show? D: The real question: is Chicago ready for us? Our attempts at thwarting the unseen sonic invaders usually results in collateral damage to the surrounding area. RFC: If you could open up for any major artist or band (past or present), who would it be? D: DEVO G: The Talking Heads SPEED ROUND Favorite Chicago band/artist: G: Troubled Hubble, Shellac, Does Wilco count? Analog or vinyl: D: Pure analog is the ultimate in transmission of continuous signals, since it is directly from the source. A vinyl recording is analogous to the recorded sound, yet is not live. With the live energy taken away, the recording loses some of its human emotional impact. Best album of 2004: G: My favorite was The Black Keys' Rubber Factory Original Recipe or Extra Crispy: D: We consume food only for appearance. By nutritional standards, the skin is not "the best part" as it contains little to no important nutrients needed for daily energy restoration in organic bodies. Therefore, the question is invalid as we do not eat chicken, nor enjoy the skin. What does Iowa have more of...pigs, corn or mullets? D: An endless see of corn to feed throngs of humans.

7inchwave plays tomorrow night (5/10) at the Bottom Lounge with We Are Wolves, Birdnames and The Hot Love. They'll also be back in town on Friday May 20th at buddY with with Ad Astra Per Aspera, Yah Tibla La Blu and The Narrator. Check out MP3 samples of their songs at


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