Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Releases Tuesday (5/17)

Local and Related Keith Fullerton Whitman - Multiples (Kranky) Long awaited, "proper" second solo album (after two limited edition vinyl releases in 2004) from Keith Fullerton Whitman, aka Hrvatski. According to Mr. Kranky, "it pulls together all of Keith's interests (academic composition, musique concrete, psychedelia, prog) into one neat package." All Music Guide sez: "Multiples also shows Whitman to be as adept and comfortable in creating amazing textures with analog instruments as he is in using the latest in digital sound design, making it seem like an eight-song cycle paying homage to the analog forefathers while pushing the envelope for his contemporaries." Nudge - Cached (Kranky) Third album by the Portland, OR trio..."Cached is an equally groovy and subtle sound affair that walks the tightrope between electronica, indie, fluid jazz and even dub reggae with astonishing ease" -Mats Gustaffson Troubled Hubble - Making Beds in a Burning House (Lookout!) An old Jed James favorite...these pop-punkers, originally from Elburn, IL, played their first ever gig at the Fireside Bowl back in '99. After putting out 5 indie releases, they've now joined the Lookout! roster. Kill Memory Crash - American Automatic (Ghostly) (see last Friday's RFC post) Tight Phantomz - Crazy When Wet (Southern) (see yesterday's RFC post) Other Notables Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration (V2) Mojo recently called The Rev the "American Pink Floyd" and this album "their Dark Side of the Moon." Of course you've got to take everything from the hype-crazy UK music press with a grain of salt, but that's still some serious praise. Granted the new album probably isn't that good, but I'll tell you what, their recent show at the Vic (opening for Doves) absolutely blew me away. Seriously one of the best live performances I've seen in a long time.


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