Thursday, April 21, 2005

Shameless Plug

One more note about Version '05... Next Thursday (4/28), I'll be DJing the ClothingChange Exchange at buddY. Here's the 411 on the event: Thursday April 28, 2005 buddY 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave 2nd floor 7-10p Free! The ClothingChange Exchange is a colorful touring event offering all-ages fun in a creative atmosphere. In the spirit of an international bazaar it attracts people from all walks of life to come together for trade. This is a bartering bazaar for traders to clean out their closets and bring their unwanted clothing to exchange. Items that defy mass manufacturing such as vintage, ethnic and homemade garments are especially welcome. However, the primary focus is to recycle used clothing in general. Traders may bring as few or as many pieces of clothing as desired. These pieces are used as currency to barter for new clothing from other traders. Items do not have to be traded piece for piece, the value and worth of an item is determined by the engaged traders. There is one rule: No money may be exchanged. Clothing left at the end of the Exchange can be taken back home or left at the event location. The remnants are bagged by volunteers and event organizers, then donated to a local charity. Our organizers prefer to donate to a local organization within the neighborhood of each event and try to steer clear of national organizations that might sell the clothing in bulk to overseas exporters. To promote positive self- image and expression there is a for-kicks fashion show that everyone is encouraged to participate in. Participants construct their own creative outfit to model on their own body in a walk of confidence. The ClothingChange Exchange is a playful event, but is driven as a vehicle for positive social change. Our main objectives are to create a fun event where people can practice the usuage of alternative currencies, sustainable living, fair trade, positive self-image, responsible consumption and resource conservation and preservation. ----- Since organizer Trent Denton wants the event to evoke "the spirit of an international bazaar," I'll be going for a sort of a dime-store lounge/world record kind of sound for my set. In addition to some bizarre foreign and lounge dusties, also expect to hear a healthy dose of swingin' favorites like Senior Coconut, Sergio Mendez, Herb Alpert, Lee Hazlewood, Serge Gainsbourg, Air and Stereolab. This sounds like a great can't beat picking up some free vintage threads and getting a chance to groove to Gainsbourg at the same time!


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