Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Releases Tuesday (4/12)

Local Labels Adult. - D.U.M.E. (Thrill Jockey) Detroit electro duo makes their Thrill Jockey debut with this 6-song ep. Mark your calendars, they'll be playing the Bottle on May 7. Supersystem - Always Never Again (Touch & Go) Formerly known as El Guapo, Insound calls them a cross between Kraftwerk and Q and not U. They'll also be gracing the stage of the Bottle soon...on April 29. Zincs - Dimmer (Thrill Jockey) The newest member of the Thrill Jockey roster, the Zincs "play brooding pop music rooted in the mysterious sounds of America and Britain to which the band grew up listening."

Husky Rescue - Country Falls (Minty Fresh) The Guardian calls this this Finnish-based band "part Royksopp, part Goldfrapp..a joyous clash of electronica and folk."

Other Notables Les Georges Lenningrad - Soopa Dupa (Troubleman Unlimited) Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl) The National - Alligator (Beggars Banquet)


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