Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Metro launches new website

Have you seen the new Metro website yet? Joe Shannahan and Co. launched the new site last week and it's chock full of new improvements and features. While I liked the stark design of the old Metro website, the new version is significantly more streamlined and easier to navigate through. For example, in the "shows" section you can now scroll down through two months worth of events or click on individual dates via the calendar interface. There are also big, pretty pictures of each artist playing as well as a direct link to order tickets for each show. (unfortunately, the link is through Ticketbastard, so you'll be charged a serious "convenience" fee for this on-line privilege) However, the most notable new feature on the site is easily the mPod player. This nifty little device let's you toggle through songs from upcoming Metro acts. Not only does the mPod display tell you who and what you're listening to, it also tells you when they will be appearing at Metro. A very clever marketing tool and a great way for fans to check out new music. Check out all of the new improved features on the Metro website at


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