Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Live Review: Built to Spill @ Metro 9/16/06


I’ve been a fan of Built to Spill for a very long time but I hadn’t expected to enjoy this show as much because I wasn’t as familiar with their recently released album, You in Reverse as I had hoped to be. I found myself really enjoying their set despite this fact, especially when they played their older songs. Yet, their newer material fit in well with the old, particularly “Goin’ Against Your Mind,” and “Liar.” There’s something to be said for Dough Martsh’s voice. It’s definitely not one you’d call classically trained or with exceptional range. Yet, it’s quality is it’s undeniable ability to be expressive and make everything feel right (even if he’s singing at the time about everything being wrong). Even while hearing the new songs, I felt like there was an emotional connection I was experiencing. This is the second time I’d seen Built to Spill and I think they’ve come even more into their own as a band. I also don’t remember them having visuals when they played the Metro in the past. It’s really the vocals that are touching and make the songs what they are vs. a real stage presence. The images that came across the screen were very imaginative and artistic and became an exceptional comliment to hearing the songs being played. At one point, a video of Calvin Johnson talking about the environment and politics took over the stage, with Martsch and the band playing instrumentals throughout it. Other highlights of the set included "Big Dipper" and perhaps their most brilliant song lyrically, "Untrustable." I would have loved it had they played my favorite song of theirs ("Twin Falls") or had they done their fifteen minute long cover of Neil Young’s "Cortez the Killer," but overall the night was really special and I couldn’t help feeling that There’s Nothing Wrong With Love.


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