Thursday, September 14, 2006

RFC Interview: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

After seeing them play Wicker Park Street Festival, I quickly realized the potential of this band, whose album Broom is not only filled with songs you can sing along to, but with songs who have lyrics worth paying attention to. There’s an underlying melancholy to some of them as well, a bit like in the case of Shout Out Louds. As a part of an extensive North American tour, SSLYBY will be hitting the Double Door stage this Saturday (9/16).

I’m really enjoying many of the songs off of your album Broom. House Fire in particular really gets to me lyric wise. Was that based on something that really happened or more just a metaphor for an experience of a relationship? I wrote it thinking about a house on fire..literally. That’s what the music sounded like. I never finished the lyrics, so John Robert did. He thought it was more of a metaphor and he came with some weird shit and I couldn’t think of anything better. We’re usually better at mumbling the lyrics so know one can tell what we’re saying. But we got busted on this one. I noticed you have demos for new songs on your MySpace page. Can you talk a little bit about plans for a new album? Yeah, we’re recording everything on our own again. We have 10 or 12 songs ready. We thought we were gonna buy expensive microphones, but we realized our friend B.A. can get them from a college in town. So B.A. is gonna come over to Will’s house and we’re gonna record the new CD in Will’s staircase and piano room. Our goal is not to spend a single penny. Actually, I just made that up. How do you like Polyvinyl Records as a label? Do you find they are supportive of your material? Polyvinyl is rock solid. We’re scurred of the future, but they help us plan things out. They’ve never complained about any of our songs. Who are some of your favorite musicians and bands to play with? Locally, there are a lot of band we love to play with. Sweetwater Abilene, Cindy Woolf, Jonathan Bentley, etc…. and there a lot more we still haven’t played with. Nationally, we like playing with Catfish Haven. Sound Team was cool to tour with, too. We want to see Pheonix real bad. I’m curious as to what the music scene is like in Missouri? Is it a real community? Do you feel music is supported there in general? I think Springfield’s music scene is better than LA, Chicago, New York, and London combined. Any place feels like a community if you have a lot of friends and you go to the same bar. But all the bands get along here and we help each other out and stuff. Honestly, I don’t want indie music to get too big here. I’d rather go see a country band than an indie band. But we get our fair share of both, so I’m not complaining. On your website, you claim that you are the third best band on Weller Street in Springfield, Missouri…which leads me to wonder and ask what you consider to be the first and second best? The first best is one of Elvis Presley’s guitar players. His name is John Wilkinson. He played 1,000 shows with Elvis and he lives across the street from Will on Weller. The second best is Grace Bentley, Will’s cousin. Of course, I have to ask the dreaded “Where did your name come from?” question. I’m hoping for a really great story here… I thought of it at the mall. It’s sorta meaningless. Boris Yeltsin was on my mind because he had just resigned and I felt sorry for him or something. So “Oregon Girl” was in the television show the OC. What was that like for you guys-hearing that in a television show? Do you have any feelings about songs in TV shows, films, and/or commercials? It was real weird. We watched it at a hotel lobby in Denver and I think we got in an argument about something dumb afterwards. Then we played a show for 5 people and they all really liked us, but we got paid $20 and we ran out of money the next day. We almost gave up and drove home, but Will wrote a funny story and we decided to keep touring. You list myspace influences as “pony and moody.” Can you talk a little more about the bands you guys love and some bands that inspire you in particular? Pony and Moody are two fictional characters we made up. As far as bands….we’re inspired by Wharf and Thinking Version. Those are our two high school bands.


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phil you are fuckin' hilarious...great interview... i can't wait to party with you guys on saturday.

- miguel

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