Thursday, September 07, 2006

Live Review - The Avengers @ Beat Kitchen 9/3/06

The Avengers are a band that first gained notoriety in 1979 when they toured with The Sex Pistols. (Steve Jones also did some production work for them) The Avengers are fronted by Penelope Houston, a feminist lead singer who knows how to captivate an audience. She was joined on this tour by Greg Ingraham, an original Avenger, on guitar as well as two members of The Plus Ones. Luis Illades, the drummer for The Plus Ones, held a great tempo throughout both sets and bassist Joel Reader was so enchanted on stage that he kissed Penelope a few times very sweetly. The chemistry between Joel and Penelope was really visible as they even at one point sang together from the same microphone.

Hailing from San Francisco, The Avengers had never toured the Midwest or East Coast until now. Instead, they remained close to their city, forcing others to yearn from afar. The Avengers played a few of their more well known songs including “Teenage Rebel,” “American in Me,” and “Corpus Christi” but also pulled off a great Rolling Stones cover of “Paint it Black.” It was a great night of punk music overall between The Avengers, The Plus Ones, and The Effigies, but what truly sets The Avengers apart from many other punk bands is in and of itself the presence of a female lead singer. Penelope Houston destroys that faulty notion in the music industry that women can’t rock out. With her half punk/half garage rock sound she towers over the audience bound to hang on her every word. With the presence she has, it’s hard not to look up to her.

Plus, who can’t but help love a band that posts the following on their Myspace page:

A NOTE FROM THE AVENGERS: While it’s flattering to have a lot of Myspace friends, we’d like to mention that we’re not interested in having any racist, sexist, fascist or homophobic friends. If you consider yourself one of these please DO NOT send a friend request. Also anyone who voted for Bush can just take their Avengers CDs and… cash them in at the used record store, right now. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and everyone has a right to choose their friends.

SET LIST: Click here for the complete photoset


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